Rain leakage inspection service

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Rain leakage inspection service
The cause of the leakage is not limited to the roof. There are also outer wall, window length, veranda, deterioration of waterproof etc. Rainwater enters from an unpredictable place and comes out to the inside with unpredictable route.
  • POINT 1

    Moisture content measuring instrument
    We use accurate numerical values and constructed measuring instruments.
  • POINT 2

    High place sprinkler
    We can cope with a high spot sprinkler even without a foothold.
  • POINT 3

    Small camera
    High location can be confirmed with a small camera.
  • POINT 4

    Work report
    We prepare and submit reports by collecting data.
  • POINT 5

    Thermographic image
    We use thermography or a moisture measuring instrument (proof). We will provide reliable numerical values.
  • POINT 6

    Telephone reception
    We are not a company that repairs outer walls and roofs. It is a company that specializes in inspection and investigation. We have asked you if you do not know the cause by other companies.

Construction example

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Example of rain leakage inspection service

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