Building materials measurement service


Building materials measurement service
Can building materials be used? Have you judged it by appearance?
  • POINT 1

    Moisture content measuring instrument
    ■Building materials for moisture measurement
    Wood, board, tile, concrete, rock wool, etc.
  • POINT 2

    Thermography camera
    ■Reliable even in a wide range.
    The thermography camera does not grasp or overlook the ceiling and the place not reachable.
  • POINT 3

    Scope camera
    ■Under the floor or ceiling
    Confirms the occurrence of water leakage, puddle and mold nondestructively.
  • POINT 4

    Temperature / humidity measuring instrument (logger)
    ■Survey measurement report
    Submission of materials to the management company, submission of insurance company data and submission of resident customers.
    We will report the actual situation accurately.

Construction example

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Example of building materials measurement service

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