Disinfection deodorizing service


Disinfection deodorizing service
Since all of the building materials penetrated by the leaked water can not be exchanged, some of the building materials may be reused during the restoration work.
  • POINT 1

    Odor measuring instrument
    Use a measuring instrument to identify the cause of smell and mold.
  • POINT 2

    Cleaning work scenery
    ①Dust collection cleaning ②Chemical cleaning ③Steam cleaning ④Cleaner Detergent Cleaning ⑤Ozone deodorizing
    We thoroughly remove any odor.
  • POINT 3

    Micro mist sprayer
    Use the micro-mist sprayer to disinfect all the way to the corners of the building material, under the floor, under the ceiling, out of the reach.
  • POINT 4

    Use safe chemicals
    Use chemicals that are harmless and safe to use. Presentation of SDS (MSDS)
  • POINT 5

    Odor measurement data
    Even if you do not know the cause of odor, we will submit an improvement plan from the equipment and measurement data.
  • POINT 6

    Research data
    If you need more detailed data such as odor analysis please feel easy. It is possible to cooperate with a specialized odor company specializing in national qualifications affiliated.

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Example of disinfection deodorizing service

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