Dehumidification drying service


Dehumidification drying service
A lot of moisture remains in the interior of the building after leakage even if it can not be seen. We have received requests mainly from apartments, apartments, houses such as houses and office buildings.
  • POINT 1

    Drying service is instantly available anywhere.
  • POINT 2

    Installation status of the dehumidifier at house under the floor
    The equipments we used are for flood damage restoration only.
  • POINT 3

    Installation status of dehumidifier at apartment interior
    Unattended 24 hours continuous dry operation is possible.
  • POINT 4

    Dry intensive concentration drying while living.
  • POINT 5

    We can dry from condominium to giant facility such as gymnasium.
  • POINT 6

    Remote camera
    Block the occurrence of odor and mold from the initial stage of leakage.

Construction example

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Example of dehumidification drying service

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